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Financial Software Development

Since 2015, CPB Consultancy Limited has been servicing our clients in the financial markets with innovative software development. We are moving financial services from the past, beyond today into the future of Fintech. Our client base includes fintech providers, banking and financial data vendors, various currencies and cryptocurrencies-based institutions, and banks for the benefit of our clients.

Our experience provides understanding of our clients needs and ways to help our clients to become more profitable. Our software technology places control into the hands of our clients to give them the power to utilize their expertise in their various realms of business. We are driven to deliver value and control to our clients.

Our Target markets:
  • Commercial and investment banks
  • Savings and loan associations
  • Financial data vendors
  • Credit unions
  • Brokerage firms
  • FinTech providers



We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our Software Design has extremely user-friendly functionality. We will walk our clients through the set up and the operational implementation onto their computer.




Our software is coded at the most advanced level for the security of our clients and to ensure compliance with current laws and regulations. Identity management, encryption, and ledger/ auditing features are in place to ensure security, compliance and accountability with our clients in mind.



24/7 always there for our clients.


We have Rock-solid reliability and employ scenario-based reliability analysis, mature engineering techniques and design patterns. We also use rigorous stress testing throughout the implementation to meet your performance SLAs and ensure the system is operational 24/7, no matter the workload.


Regulatory compliance


We help our clients by ensuring our software design complies with the most stringent financial regulations.


We are your solution, so let us show you how!


As an experienced banking, consulting and financial software development services provider, we know what users want: convenience, speed of access, efficiency, compliance and data security. Contact us and we will be honored to show you the future in this financial world.